Overall assessment of the risk and opportunity situation

The Group’s overall risk situation is the sum of the individual risks of all risk categories for the divisions, the corporate functions and the legal entities. In addition to the risk categories described above, unpredictable events that can disturb production and business processes are possible, such as natural disasters, political instability or terrorist attacks. Therefore, emergency plans are prepared to allow the resumption of business operations, precautionary measures are taken and insurance policies are arranged, if possible. Risks relating to compliance are addressed in the risk management process and are continually monitored. Regular training courses are carried out to prevent compliance violations.

In addition to the risks described above, there are risks that affect the reputation of the Daimler Group as a whole. Public interest is focused on Daimler’s position with regard to issues such as ethics and sustainability. Furthermore, customers and capital markets are interested in how the Group reacts to the technological challenges of the future and how it succeeds in offering up-to-date and technologically leading products in the markets. As one of the fundamental principles of business activity, Daimler places particular priority on adherence to applicable law and ethical standards. In addition, a secure approach to sensitive data is a precondition for doing business with customers and suppliers in a trusting and cooperative environment.

In order to obtain an overall picture, Corporate Risk Management collates the information described on risks from the individual organizational units. The overall situation with regard to the Group’s risks and opportunities is the aggregate of the individual risks and opportunities presented. The situation of the Daimler Group has not changed significantly compared with the previous year. No risks are currently recognizable that either alone or in combination with other risks could endanger the continued existence of the Group. But since considerable economic and industry risks still exist, setbacks on the way to regularly achieving growth and profitability targets cannot be completely ruled out. The aforementioned opportunities represent potential as well as challenges for the Daimler Group. By effectively and flexibly focusing the production program and sales activities on changing conditions, the divisions of the Daimler Group strive to secure or surpass their respective targets and plans. As far as it lays within the control of the Daimler Group and if measures prove to be financially viable, the Group takes appropriate action to realize the potential of its opportunities. Most of the opportunities mentioned last year were effectively realized. The associated measures that have been implemented have a sustainable positive effect on the Group’s earnings.

Daimler is confident that due to the risk and opportunity management system established at the Group, risks and opportunities will continue to be recognized at an early stage in the future, the current risk situation will be successfully managed, and opportunities will be effectively utilized.

Risks from guarantees and legal risks